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For the profi jerseys we use polyesther materials 06 and 3010, which are characteristic by high firmness and air permeability.

For better comfort during the game the jerseys are also aerated by special armpit parts made of a mesh-like material. On request the jerseys can be also strenghtened by using double layer of fabric on sleeves and saddle. This hockey jersey can be used for ice hockey as well as for in-line hockey or softball. Fan jerseys are produced as a simplified version of profi jerseys, they are produced from materials 05 and FAN, which are in comparisson with 06 and 3010 lighter (gram/square meter). On all these fabrics mentioned above you can use a sublimation print in variable colors, creating your very own design.




Jersey without sleeves, light and aerated, usually worn over another T-shirt. It is produced in two types, first type from fabric 3013, which is available in basic colors and a black sublimation print can be applied on it if necessary. Second type is made from fabrics FAN or 05, onto which the whole design is printed by sublimation.